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At bigPANCAKE we don't focus on April or autism awareness. No, Autism is not about awareness or about a particular month. Autism is our life, it is who we are and it is celebrated 12 months a year, every year.


Janse, pictured here, loves pancakes, sometimes even 12 at a time. That’s big! He also loves cars and people. He has a lot of friends who support him, care for him and talk to him on whatsapp (mostly about cars). They say they love Janse for his honest and straight talk. He makes them laugh. Sometimes the world is a friendlier place because of him.


To Janse, the ordinary world can feel baffling, up-side down, in reverse. Lockdown world can feel the same to many of us, but to Janse, life is much simpler, friendlier and more bearable in lockdown.


Janse now has a business. He is making and selling t-shirts. bigPANCAKE is the name of  his business. The reversed K in bigPANCAKE, symbolizes how we are all different and unique. Some of his t-shirts has his most loved sayings on.


Please enjoy your journey with bigPANCAKE!

The stories behind the sayings

Hou op Karring

Repeating the same request when Janse has already indicated that he is not interested in following a command, will evoke "hou op karring".


Sometimes words are redundant. Every time we make a fire, Janse sends several pictures of the fire to all our friends reminding them of the joy of family time around a fireplace.

Is jy nou happy met jouself?

When Janse senses that someone is happy or feels good about something, he spontaneously says "Is jy nou happy met jouself?" It always cracks people up!


The team consists of family members, close friends and our cat, Tigger, who has a profound relationship with Janse and who has all the characteristics of a loyal and lovable friend.

These days we are all living in a liminal space. A world between worlds. Everyone has their place and purpose, carving out their unique journey.

Join us on this new journey where we want to claim space and acceptance for every person who struggles to fit into the social standard box that we, as humans created on this earth.

We are flexible ;)

We can print any of our designs on any size black or white t-shirt. So feel free to order the slogan that speaks most to you, even if it is a kiddies design on an adult t-shirt. Kindly send us a message on the 'Contact Us' page if you would like to opt for this option.


GANGSTAR CAFé DURBANVILLE and bigPANCAKE collaborated and you can collect your garments there if you choose local pick up point.

They provide employment, hands-on training and support to ex-offenders and youth who want to leave gangsterism and crime. They are not an ordinary coffee shop; it’s a business with the purpose of making a long term social impact whilst providing premium café and venue services to its customers.  

Why not have a cuppa when you collect your package? Their coffees are AMAZING and the staff's FRIENDLY FACES makes the visit worthwile.

Please note their trading hours are Mondays- Fridays from 8am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 7am to 4pm.


All our T-Shirts are manufactured and printed in Cape Town! 

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